Harmony Caribbean Cruise, from Ft. Lauderdale (Florida - USA).

We’ve created a massive festival of parties and entertainment onboard the world’s largest ship – Harmony of the Seas, with an all-new itinerary to three seductive Caribbean islands.

If you heard about our legendary sold out 2017 cruise on Allure of the Seas, then you can only imagine what’s in store for you next year. We’re adding more fantastic entertainers, a new electronic music event, more sensational parties in exciting spaces, and a lot of surprises. Harmony offers the most advanced features ever seen on a ship including an exciting new water park, exotic dining experiences, spectacular new shows, and the thrills of the Ultimate Abyss. This epic Atlantis cruise is guaranteed to be one for the record books!



Not Just Bigger. Better.

Big means more of just about everything you want in a vacation. Harmony’s never ending excitement changes everything you think about a gay cruise - Where else will you find:

5 theaters starring original Atlantis performers and more

3 spectacular outdoor party spaces

3 dazzling indoor party venues

13 tantalizing restaurants and cafes

4 gorgeous pools on the world’s largest and highest open-air deck

4-water slides ocean’s largest water park

7 unique “neighborhoods” to meet friends, explore, play, and relax

An ice rink, two rock walls, zip line, sports court, and two Flow Rider surf simulators

And the thrills of the Ultimate Abyss…

Get ready for the most fantastic Atlantis cruise in history!

So, will you find Harmony too big for your vacation? That’s a matter of personal taste, but if you want to experience the most feature-rich, best reviewed, and most talked-about ship in history then this one’s for you.


In Perfect Harmony

Seven distinct neighborhoods span Harmony’s seventeen decks, each offering unique experiences with original ways to play. Stroll lush gardens in Central Park, ride a carousel on the Boardwalk, laugh with our comics in Entertainment Court, or slide into adventure at the Water Park. And try a few things you never imagined at sea: drop 9 stories in the Ultimate Abyss, fly our spine-tingling zip line, marvel at our high-diving show, enjoy a drink at The Rising Tide bar, or learn to surf on twin FlowRider surf simulators 150 feet above the ocean.

Cool Caribbean Islands

The sun never stops shining on our three gorgeous beaches. From gay-central Ft. Lauderdale, sail to the private island paradises of Labadee where pristine beaches, breathtaking scenery, and spectacular water activities await. Indulge in the remarkable aqua sports park, exciting mountain zip line, and secluded private cabanas. There’s even a roller coaster through the hills!

San Juan’s old town invites you to spend an afternoon exploring the fabled streets. Or venture further afield to Puerto Rico’s legendary beaches and natural wonders. The dual French and Dutch island of St. Maarten offers stunning pristine beaches and awesome duty-free shopping in the friendliest island in the Caribbean.


Hot Shows & Hotter Talent

Three main-stage venues and unique intimate spaces host the biggest gay performance festival ever created, starring our amazingly talented performers from our community and beyond. In the three-story theater you’ll find a dazzling full production of Broadway’s Grease!, Atlantis signature entertainers, and our original gay flying show.

And that’s just the beginning. Studio B presents a dazzling ice skating show along with our own musical acts. Thrill to the dive show in the Aqua Theater – a true marvel of acrobatics, high-diving, and visual spectacle set against the ocean’s night sky. 

Atlantis presents the world’s best gay comics in the comedy club, a seemingly endless parade of drag queens in Dazzles, and the most original and talented cabaret performers in our community. All with a few surprises popping up along the way.


Electrifying Original Concerts

Only on Atlantis can you enjoy some of the world’s top DJ and musical stars in a magnificent outdoor concert setting. We’ve created an extraordinary new experience exclusive to Harmony where we present top musical acts in our outdoor arena for thousands of our guests. Superstar DJ Gareth Emery headlined in 2017 and wait until you see this year!

Spectacular and Outrageous Parties

Atlantis parties are legendary, and with five incredible venues, we truly create the most spectacular parties on land or sea. From our themed t-dances to never-ending night parties, there’s nothing like dancing outdoors under the ocean’s sky. And Harmony provides our best settings in Atlantis history for a party that defies imagination.

The sensational AquaTheater hosts the biggest afternoon t-dances (and a few special events) in our most spectacular venue yet, surrounded by huge LED screens, world-class sound, soaring views from the balconies and rock walls, and ocean views all around.


At night, we’ll transform the massive open-air Solarium into the most technically advanced nightclub you’ve ever seen, with a wrap-around video wall, awesome lasers and dazzling lighting to illuminate the night sky. With two stories of dancing, there’s never been a bigger or better venue to host our thrilling events.

And there’s still more, including special events in the Promenade and progressive after-hours parties in Studio B. There’s alternative music in The Attic, and retro-classics in the art-deco themed Dazzles. With the world’s bigger ship, you can be sure that Harmony will host the biggest parties in Atlantis history!

Dining for Friends. And Friendly Dining.

From quick bites between events to leisurely multi-course meals with friends, Harmony offers more tantalizing dining choices than any ship we’ve ever sailed. The elaborate three-story main restaurant invites you to enjoy freshly prepared seasonal cuisine. Grab a chair and a salad in Central Park at the Park Café. Or sit down over sushi at Izumi. There’s always a fresh pizza waiting for you at Sorrento’s and Café Promenade never stops serving delicious sandwiches and other treats. 

And for a something special, start at the top with a truly magical meal at Wonderland, located 13 decks above sea level. Dig into Michelin-starred chef Michael Schwartz’ farm-to-ship cuisine at Park 150. Or gather some friends to savor Jamie’s Italian. Indulge in a perfect steak at Chops, or the wonders of Sabor Modern Mexican on the Boardwalk. 

Of course, there’s never a dress code or assigned seating on Atlantis so you’ll always feel comfortable in our casual, friendly dining environment


New Ways to Play

Days at sea offer endless options, starting with an entire deck dedicated to sports and activities. Join a game of water polo in the sports pool, climb one of the two challenging rock walls, soar through the air on the zip line, or play volleyball on the full-size court. There’s even ice skating! Or dare yourself to try the terrifying Ultimate Abyss, or check out our FlowRider surf simulators 150 feet above the ocean!

Staying active is easy in the first-rate, fully equipped gym, featuring the latest in cardio and weight-training equipment. And runners will love the wrap-around ocean view track!











A Few Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Harmony

With so many guests, how will shows be handled?

The main theater holds around 1500 guests and we’ll offer 3 performances of our most popular shows to accommodate everyone. At any given time, multiple shows are offered in the Main Theater, Studio B, and the AquaTheater. To help with planning, Harmony has a ticketing system that lets you reserve your space effortlessly. You also will have the option of standing by for any show. It’s a great system that has worked well in past years, letting everyone see every show they wanted.

What will the parties be like?

With more venues than Atlantis has ever had, our parties will be more diverse, more spectacular, and more fun than any other cruise – and all-new for 2018. We’re creating a virtual festival of music with something for every taste and style. What makes Harmony special is that we have six different and unique places to throw a party so no night is ever the same.

We’re taking the seats out of the massive Aqua Theater to create a true amphitheater space that’s perfect for our massive T-dances. Our legendary all-night parties will be either in the Solarium, Aqua Theater, and maybe poolside. Each venue will be filled with Atlantis’ signature spectacular lighting, dazzling lasers, blazing video, heroic sound, and some never-before-seen special effects.

The Solarium at the front of the ship is one of the most perfect spaces for a party we’ve ever seen with an all-new design for 2018. This glass walled open-air space allows us the magic of an outdoor party with some clever wind and rain protection thanks to an open-air ribbon of glass that runs over the top of the venue. Our all-new massive lighting, video, and laser system will be the largest in Atlantis history, designed to dazzle you in ways you never imagined. 

Indoors, we’ll offer spectacular late-night parties and special events in both Studio B and The Attic, as well as some fun and original events in Dazzles.

Will Atlantis offer an outdoor concert again?

We set a new standard for gay entertainment in 2017 with the first-ever electronic music concert at sea featuring superstar DJ Gareth Emery. You can bet we’ll create something even bigger and better for 2018!

We want to be with our friends. Can you fit everyone into one space?

Absolutely! We can fit everyone that wants to come to all events in the AquaTheater, Solarium, Royal Promenade, and maybe even poolside. More on that later.

How can I find my friends on such a big ship?

Thanks to some new technology, it’s easier than ever to find friends onboard using the new Royal IQ app. You can chat, text, and even call your friends from your own mobile phone. And with VOOM internet onboard, there’s always broadband speed internet available at reasonable prices.

We heard that the ship was “too big.” Is that a problem?

Well, this is a matter of personal taste and as you know everybody (especially in our community) has their own interpretation of “big”. The Harmony is obviously the largest ship ever created, but has no shortage of wonderful, accessible, and intimate spaces. As with all things, it’s what you make of it but we feel that the size of the ship gives us more options in all areas from sports to dining, from entertainment to room choices. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but we think most people would rather have more options on their vacation.

We are creating a new set of social activities and daytime entertainment onboard that will bring people together a bit more to foster a greater sense of community and connection.

Will there be a Headliner?

Atlantis has always featured big name entertainers on our cruises and will continue the tradition in 2018 on the Harmony. However, be realistic – a concert act that tours 20,000 seat arenas won’t fit on a cruise ship (and is not in our budget). We’re planning to present several recognizable names on Harmony, along with some of our Signature Atlantis entertainers.

Remember there’s also a full Broadway production of Grease, an incredible high-diving show in AquaTheater, and a remarkable original new production show called Columbus – the largest production show ever created on a ship.

Why would I want a Central Park View?

Well, Central Park is one of the most beautiful spaces ever created on a ship with lush landscaping and subtle lighting at night. Depending on your taste, a view into the park is a welcome, mostly wind-free way to truly enjoy a balcony view at night. There’s always something to see, versus looking out into the darkness in the Ocean. Ultimately, it’s personal taste, but these rooms continue to be fantastically popular and a great value.

Is the Boardwalk Noisy?

Once you close your stateroom door, you truly cannot hear the Boardwalk. We tested this out in a variety of ways and had no noise complaints in past years onboard Allure.


The following additional fees apply to all reservations:

  • $599 additional guest (3rd or 4th person in room)
  • $125 prepaid gratuities per person based on double occupancy
  • $370 non-commissionable fares & port fees per person
  • All mega suites require payment in full at the time of booking and are non-refundable. This applies to the following categories: RL, OP, TL, A1, A2, A3, and L1
  • All prices listed above are in U.S. Dollars. Prices are subject to change at any time.
  • All rates above, including prepaid gratuities, are per person based on double occupancy. Single stateroom charge is 200% of the double occupancy rate.
  • Stateroom and balcony sizes are approximate, as are locations on deck plans. These are provided for informational purposes only.
  • We offer a share category available for single travelers in the categories listed above on a smoking/non-smoking basis.
  • In addition to the initial deposit of 25%, a second 25% deposit is due on August 8, 2022. The balance is due on November 6, 2022.
  • Cancellation penalties start at the time of booking.
  • All reservations are subject to Atlantis Cancellation/Refund Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Health and Safety Policies

  • Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination is required of all guests.  All vaccines approved in the USA and Europe will be accepted. Details on proof requirements will be provided approximately 45 days prior to departure. Please note that this requirement may change at any time without notice.
  • Addiitional advance or in-cruise testing may be required as per cruise line or CDC policies. We will do our best to notify all guests in advance of these requirements.



There’s never been a cruise ship like the awe-inspiring Harmony of the Seas – the largest ship in the world! In seven incredible neighborhoods you’ll discover amazing experiences like the AquaTheater, the Ultimate Abyss, Broadway's hit musical Grease!, the sea’s largest water park, a zip line, twin FlowRiders, ice rink, and so much more. The ultimate Atlantis cruise has more options than ever on the world’s most spectacular cruise ship.


Our 17-deck marvel proves that the impossible is possible, but you’ll have to see it to believe it. And you won’t believe how Atlantis creates a truly legendary experience.

Distinctive Neighborhoods

Harmony revolutionizes ship design with seven completely original “neighborhoods” for your enjoyment. Ok, since one of these is the “Youth Zone”, we’ll only really be using six.


Highlights of Harmony’s neighborhoods include:

Pool and Sports Zone

Choices abound in the world’s largest outdoor playground at sea, including new exciting water slides in the ocean’s biggest water park. Around every corner, you’ll find ways to deliver enough thrills to impress your most adventurous friends.


Shops, shows, and people-watching in the incredible AquaTheater, a full-size Carousel, classic burgers at Johnny Rockets, and delicious margaritas at Sabor. And don’t forget Boardwalk Dogs –our most popular snack!

Central Park

Simply remarkable. Stroll the gardens, enjoy lunch at the Park Café and shop the Britto store during the day. And make a reservation at one of our three magnificent specialty restaurants for an unforgettable evening in the park!

Entertainment Place

Variety rules at the intersection of our Comedy Club, Jazz Club, massive Casino, Attic nightclub, Studio B Ice Rink, and the largest Broadway-style theater at sea. And don’t forget Dazzles, our retro-themed two-story nightclub with a spectacular view of the Boardwalk.

Royal Promenade

The social hub of the ship becomes the world’s biggest indoor gay “street”. Meet friends in the new Bionic bar where robot bartenders mix perfect cocktails. Relax in the pub, or our engaging piano bar. Grab a snack at our 24-hour café or mouth-watering pizzeria. Try your hand at Karaoke in On Air. Or add a little spice to your night at Bolero’s.


Vitality at Sea SPA

From pampering to pumping, you’ll find it all at the spectacular two-story spa and fitness center.

An Abundance of Great Dining

There are so many ways to dine on Harmony that the only problem is deciding where to enjoy it all. The magnificent three-story main restaurant features an ever-changing menu of culinary delights, all in a casual setting with no assigned dining times or tables. As with all Atlantis cruises you’re always welcome to dine whenever you desire. And of course there’s never a dress code! Please note that all specialty restaurants and those marked with an asterisk (*) have an extra charge.


Awesome Technology

Just because you’re at sea doesn’t mean you’ll be disconnected. With Royal Caribbean’s exclusive VOOM internet you’ll be able to stay in touch with the world at broadband speed. And their new app makes it easy to book shows, dining, excursions, and stay in touch with friends onboard with ease.

The Sea’s Most Comfortable Rooms

When you do finally come back to your stateroom, you’ll find the most modern and well-designed accommodations at sea. Every room features large interactive LCD televisions, pillow top mattresses with premium linens, private bathrooms, and the personalized service that makes Royal Caribbean an Atlantis favorite choice.

The remarkable two-story Loft Suites feature floor-to-ceiling windows, inviting living room, and massive balcony. Other suites throughout the ship feature spacious accommodations in a variety of formats to accommodate any taste and budget. And Royal Caribbean’s new Suite Class offers a new level of comfort including private dining, a special lounge, and even your own “Genie” in select categories. You can find complete details here.